Types of asphalt shingles

Luxury shingles

You might be in the middle of a roof renewal, maybe a brand-new construction or you are just curious what the best type of asphalt roofing there is on the market. Not to worry. We compiled a list of all the types of material homeowners choose to design their roof with.

– 3-tab shingles
– Dimensional & Architectural shingles
– Luxury shingles

We start with an introduction into 3-tab shingles, they are often favored because of their pricing. Unfortunately, in this case the price compensates with the quality of the roof. low pricing, low quality. This article also covers which brand are best to choose when it comes to 3-tab shingles.

Secondly, we will have a in depth view into dimensional shingles, what they are, the durability and how much they cost. You will be surprised by the strength of dimensional shingles, not the confused with architectural shingles because they look pretty much the same.

The third option is my favorite so I might be a bit biased. The architectural shingles are good looking while also being resilient. Not to mention that they are not used often so it really stands out to potential buyers. It makes the house unique and gives it a real individuality. Architectural shingles are one of the few types of shingles which add value to your house.

Finally, there are the luxury shingles. This type of roofing speaks for itself; luxury shingles are expensive. Not always very durable compared to the other but the look great. The added value of luxury shingles to the property is often nullified by the high cost of the shingles. But if money isn’t an issue and the look of the shingles are then I would suggest skipping to the section of this article where we discuss the pros and cons of luxury shingles.


3-tab shingles

3-tab shingles roof

Most commonly used type of shingles. You can recognize them by their common shape. All the shingles have the same type of height and width. 3-tab shingles fall under the category of asphalt shingles, besides 3 tab there is also tie lock, signature cut and jet shingles. All have their own unique characteristic, but we will focus in this section on the 3 tabs, the most common choice.

The main brands are, Owen Cornings, GAF, IKO met. Many people requested 3-tab shingles for their houses, but the fact is that most people are buying just what their roofer provides, although, there are lots of alternative brands available that can do the job. Here is a list of to most known ones;

Owen Cornings TruDefinition duration shingles

Owen Cornings shingles are the leading brand of 3-tab shingles, but sadly, the prices tend to rise rapidly, and the shingles don’t often last, most being for 5-7 years. They were once synonymous to cheap roofing.

Owen Cornings is now looking for new buyers, and while they have a good reputation as long lasting roofing, these days, prices on Owen Cornings are high, even higher than traditional roofing brands.

GAF Marquis Weathermax

GAF is an American company which has been producing roofing material since 1886, when the company was founded. Besides manufacturing great shingles GAF is also involved in film. The acronym stands for General Aniline & film. (Aniline means a colourless oily liquid)
GAF’s recent merger with Elk roofing products made the two companies the largest shingle manufactures in the United State.

Their catalogue hosts an impressive wide range of shingles but at this point we are focusing in on their Marques Weathermax 3-tab shingles. According to consumer reports the pros are low price and easy installation, simple to find and a broad colour option. On the other hand, the cons are: Soon becoming obsolete, 60mph wind warranty (which is relatively low), not specifically good looking.

IKO Marathon 25

IKO is a real global player in the roofing industry, they have played a strong part in the development of new and innovative roofing shingles. What is most impressive is that the company has been family owned since it was established. Doing business with IKO is very personable and highly qualitative. You will always get a 100% in service and in product.

Although, when speaking about the 3-tab shingles they produce the company has been overtaken by younger and more flexible competitors in this specific category of the business. The IKO Marathon 25 is light and easy to install, pricewise they are very competitive. The only downside of this product is that the production technology is a bit lacking compared to the market. From experience, IKO will close this gap soon and hopefully produce stronger shingles.

Alternative brands of shingles: APEX, Katelpal super and Chesterfelt. Overall these shingles are not much different to the main brands that we’ve discussed.

From the alternative brands, Apex hexagonal shingles really stand out because they are slightly different in their shape of shingles. Instead of the traditional four-sided rectangle shingles, Apex shingles have a special hexagonal attribute to them. After reading this article you will always pick up on them and recognize them wherever you go.

People’s experience with 3-tab shingles;

Tiboro from Watford

I have used them on 3 different floors and have been very pleased with the results. They work best with thick and heavy boards and work great!

Jenny from London

I have used them on a 2×2′ section of wood. The result is a very stable, clean look. A little tricky at first, but the sanding is smooth. These have been a good purchase for me.

Steve from Birmingham

I have used these on 3 pieces…the first one was a 10′ x 24′ section of 1/4 inch plywood. The second was a 10′ x 16′ section of 1/4 inch plywood. The final board was a 1/2″ x 1/2″ section of 1/2 inch plywood. I went about 20 minutes total on each of those boards.

Joe from Kingston

I use them for a few things. You can make a perfect circle on 1/2″ plywood, cut the edges off a piece of wood and support the bottom of the shingles.


Architectural shingles

Dimensional shingles also known as architectural shingles have a distinct different look to 3-tab shingles. The difference in looks is even easy for by passers to notice. The shingles are slightly overlaying each other which creates a cool pattern on the roof.

The shingles themselves are also slightly different from others. The shingles are created out of multiple layers (similar to flat roofs) which are bonded together by the manufacturer. This creates a shingles which can withstand more of the natural elements. Dimensional shingles can last over 35 years. That is a pretty impressive timescale considering that you do not have to change them throughout the years.

The cost for architectural shingle is higher considering that the manufacturer needs to use double the amount of material to create the shingle. Although, the price does not double. Laying dimensional shillings on your roof will increase how nice your house looks and the durability of the gutters. Many people have reported that by installing dimensional shingles on their roof the value of their property increases by up to 10%.

Which brand provides the best type of dimensional shillings?

There are always a few big players in the market. In the roofing business these are the brands: GAF, Owens Corning, Certainteed, Atlas Roofing, Ondura, Interlock, IKO and Tamko.

All these brands are great but each model they put out has its own pros and cons. To figure out which one is best for you we will compare them side by side so that you can choose the best quality of roofing material for your house.

Apex Roof shingles, Dakota roof shingles and IKO Armour glass Plus Square Butt are the main brands and models’ clients use for dimensional shingles.

We couldn’t find detailed reviews on peoples experience regarding the specific product. We did manage to find reviews on people who used architectural shingles in general.

What Architectural shingle users had to say?

Erica from Windor

“Very nice shingle. Easy to apply. Doesn’t crack easily and works just right”

Jin hu from London
“Durable, easy to apply, strong shingles”

Elisa from Bedford
“Easy to replace, works great!!”

Jacob from London
“This is the fourth time I have used this product. The consistency and effectiveness of this shingle is exceptional. Very thin and flexible, very durable. Works nicely for my needs. Very happy overall. Thanks for your product”

Jon from Stevenage
“This is an outstanding product. It is a fantastic tool and I use it on all my properties”

Maria Lopez from Brighton
“I have used it for several of my shingles from home remodelled apartments. It is excellent for removing shingles from walls and ceiling and for removing shingles from other areas.”

Luxury shingles

Luxury shingles

In this category we will discuss luxury shingles, which are also called high-end shingles. They cost less than 850 pounds (around 1000 USD) each.

High-end shingles are more costly installing as well. To install a luxury roof, you need an experienced roofer to handle the shingles. New and young roofers are prone to make mistakes and break the shingles. How more experience the roofer, the less unnecessarily broken shingles.

What about the luxury shingles purchased from Europe?

High-end shingles were bought mainly by people from Europe. A reputation developed but Europeans do not seem to use luxury shingles that much anymore because they are not as durable as lead roofing or the ones available at a better price mark. Luxury shingles are not really suited for everyone, an expert concluded.

Are luxury shingles really a good idea?

Really depends on your budget and the area that you reside in. We discourage installing a luxury roof if you will stand out from your neighborhood. Having an expensive roof as the only person in your street can make you a target for burglars. There is a lot of effort in luxury roofing.

Have a look in your neighborhood. In our opinion it takes too much effort. There is not much difference quality wise. It does look good and increases value of your house. Quality and durability are pretty much the same.


3 -tab, architectural shingles and luxury shingles are all the types of asphalt shingles you can purchase for your roof. Quality wise they are not much different. If you are looking for a good price you should purchase the 3-tab shingles, if you are looking for quality you should buy the architectural shingles, and if it is mostly about how it looks then you need the luxury shingles.

If you have any doubt, contact us and we can consult you on which type of roofing there is available for you.

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