You probably haven’t put much thought into your roof until you have a leak! If you need to replace you roofing, you will quickly notice that there are many different types of roofing material. Asphalt is one of them.

What is an asphalt roof?

Asphalt, also known as mastic asphalt, is the material used on roads. The material is sticky, black and made from petroleum. Besides being used on roads the material is also used on flat roofs.

You can also purchase asphalt shingles. Although, most flat roofs do not accommodate for shingles. Roofing has been one of the industries which adapted the use of asphalt early on. The material is especially popular in big cities such as London because high rises often have a flat roof. Roofing issues are easier solved when there are less chances of plummeting 100 meters from a pitched roof of a high-rise building. Is an asphalt roof good?

Good questions. In our opinion as an IKO certified roofing company we think that flat roofs are a good choice for most tall buildings. For houses we do not recommend a flat roof simply because of the water pressure. How taller the building how better asphalt roofing is for you. In hot climates, asphalt is less desirable because the mastic asphalt can deteriorate in excessive sun exposure. Consult with an IKO certified asphalt roofing company who is aware about the technical part of roofing. You can also consult with us by calling or emailing us.

The only thing we ask you to pay attention to is when roofing your building, make sure you have a good guttering system. The most frequent complain we receive about asphalt roofs are that the guttering is not done properly. If the water remains on the roof of your building it can cause some serious damage such as rot, leaks or even worse, your whole roof could collapse. On a well-constructed flat roof, a water walkway is key. These walkways aid the water to find its way of the roof. Some of our clients capture the rainwater in tanks and re-use the rainwater.

What is mastic asphalt?

Mastic asphalt is very similar to normal asphalt but there is a small difference, this type of asphalt is specifically made for roofing. This type of asphalt has been used long before the IKO existed. Reportedly the early Englishman were using it to roof their house. This material is still in use since then! The reason for roofing companies to still use mastic asphalt is simple, the quality.

Besides quality, the repair of this type of material is widely known by most roofers. There are even blogs discussing how to do it for yourself. Although, we do not recommend you do that. The asphalt needs to be heated to 220 degree, which is very hot. You can easily burn yourself. Trust me, repairing a roof is no walk in the park.

What is mastic asphalt roofing?

It is the act of applying the mastic asphalt material on a roof to waterproof it. Most flat roofs have layered membranes of material. The top layer, which protect all other layers is the asphalt. There are no guarantees in life besides an asphalt roof. Humanity has been banking on the quality of this material for hundreds of years. Currently there are a few new synthetic players online, but they can’t compare competitively. Neither on price nor quality.

How many years does an asphalt roof last?

50 to 60 years! As touched on in the previous article, there are other synthetic materials out there which can maybe outlast the old school asphalt. The beautiful thing about mastic asphalt roofing is not just the long-life span and quality, it is also most widely used. IKO the biggest manufacturer in the UK can deliver within a few working days.

The amount of certified repair men in this field is also very high. Finding the right type of material and the certified repairmen has never been so easy.

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