Common types of roof repair

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Repairing a roof can take on all sort of forms. Depending on your problem there will be different practices to fix your problem. Often it is best to leave the roof repair to a qualified roofer. Unless you have experience in roofing, we discourage you from climbing up on the roof and trying to fix it.

The common problems homeowners have with their roof are as follow;

Leaks– water can penetrate your house.
Punctures – wind and insects can easily penetrate your house.
Worn out tiles – doesn’t look nice.
Rotten wood – When you have wooden tiles, rot can become an issue.

There are many different practices to fix it. Including a few do it yourself options. Regular maintenance can help you avoid many of the problem’s roofs develop over time.

How do you repair a flat roof?

Flat roofs are slightly harder to navigate. Pitched roofs have tiles, flat roofs have just one large surface. Main problem we see is that the gutter is not properly drained on flat roofs. This can lead to water build up on the top of your building which make repairs only tougher. Call in the local repairs tradesmen to have a look at it and they can advise you if you have a gutter problem or a real leak.

In London most residential houses have pitched constructs, commercial properties often have flat roofs, especially high rises. Most maintenance companies have a few specialists on the team who mainly deal with roof repairs.

Roof repair on flat roofs often include a large layer of EPDM rubber. This slate is widely used to keep the warmth of your house inside and the rainy London weather outside.

How do you fix a leaking roof?

First you need to find out why it is leaking, as described in the first part of this text. Finding the issue often requires a specialist because the problem is not always noticeable on the surface layer. Water can seep in through multiple ways but only enter the house in one location. Roofing contractors see these types of problems on a regular basis in London.

Repairs can be a tough task if you neglect the health of your property. Regular maintenance is key to keep everything in good condition. Also, you will avoid costly repairs.

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Can I claim for a leaking roof on my house insurance?

Depending on your house insurance deal. Some insurance policy covers the regular roof check-ups, although this is done in prevention of serious cases such as a collapse. You will have to check with your insurer if you are covered. In London most of the Landlords have some type of insurance policy which covers extreme weather conditions.

Roofing contractors can probably not be of great benefit for these types of questions. It is best to consult with your insurer or speak with your landlord.

How to seal roof valleys

You might be wondering, what are roof valleys? The best explanation is ‘Roof valleys are the Vee shaped metal channels that run up and down the folds’. While doing repairs, we always seal the valleys. Over time they can get loose and become the main cause for leaks.

Repairing roof valleys yourself is not a good idea since you need to fasten them strongly. Call us, the London roofers to fix this for you.

How much does it cost to repair roof?

In London, roofing prices range from 500 pounds to 2000 pounds. It really depends on how big the repair is. Sometimes the problem is easily fixed and will only take our roofing contractors a few hours of work. Other times the building might be old and in need of upgraded standards.

Call us and we will assess your situation and quote you a fair price for your all your concerns.

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