We build to provide a safe space to live and work. We make them beautiful and strong. But what happens when mother nature decides to hit us with its worst – huffing and puffing down our walls, unleashing the elements and leaving behind heavy storm damage to your home or business. That is why it is crucial to secure immediate help to repair your property and prevent further damage to your home, office, and life.


Here are storm damage repairs that will bring your home back to the best condition:

Property Waterproofing

A crucial area of repair after your property has sustained storm damage that should not be overlooked is property waterproofing. Water damage causes problems to the house’s structure, making the building unsafe, damages and reduces your property’s market value. Having your building waterproofed properly makes it less susceptible to water damage, preventing foundation damage and other health and safety risks. Your building’s structural integrity is dependent on reliable waterproofing. Therefore you need to have experts waterproof your home.


Property Preservation

Has the storm damage rendered your property almost uninhabitable? With your property in bad condition, one way to address the issue is through full-service property preservation. Property preservation focuses on complete repair and renovation, especially when you are not entirely sure what repair or maintenance project to focus on due to the immense damage caused by the storm. If you’ve got a storm-damaged property, we can quickly fix it into a completely habitable space through our property preservation service.


Property Repair

Damage to your property is terrible. It is heart-breaking. Modern buildings are built stronger than ever before to withstand moody mother nature, but occasionally the odd big storm comes rushing in. They are becoming more frequent because of climate change. After a storm hits, you could be looking at broken windows, roof damage and damage made by debris. Repairing your property may seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry. We can provide you with the best property repair service to satisfy your needs.


Flood Damage Repair

When your property gets flooded, you must get rid of the water immediately. Even after all the flood water is cleared, you have to deal with damaged floors, tiles, and mould. Failing to handle this problem promptly can escalate the damage. Quick fixes include the prompt removal of anything wet from the property, such as carpets and wet furniture. A more permanent fix will be enlisting the services of flood damage repair experts who will fix your floor and prevent any future flooding damage.


Fire Damage Repair

Fire can destroy your property within a short time. It weakens the structure of the property and makes it unsafe. Sometimes the true extent of the damage goes far beyond the visible. This makes fire damage tricky and one of the most complex repairs. It’s a job reserved for only those who know what they’re doing. When dealing with fire damage repair, you should pick out property repair experts who follow safety protocols and have tons of experience under their belt. Fire damage is dangerous and getting the job done with quality and efficiency is a must.


Property Survey

The results of property damage are not always staring back at you on the surface. Sometimes, they go beyond what you can see, and that is why a property survey is critical. The purpose of a property survey is to do a full damage assessment of your property to determine the true extent of your property damage. This saves time and cost for any unforeseen damage and ensures safety during the repairs and after the repairs are done.


Types of complaints we see often

Rising damp

Rising damp is a common problem that affects ground floor walls and slowly creeps up your wall, creating an uncomfortable environment. This occurs when water is absorbed through the brick wall because of a phenomenon known as capillary action—the added moisture results in mould growth. The most common treatment is the use of DPC (Damp Proof Course) via an injection method. The DPC is injected into drilled holes in the affected wall. The DPC goes to work by being absorbed by the brick wall and creating a waterproof barrier.



Rot thrives in environments with dampness and low ventilation. It has no problem growing within the cracks and cavities in the walls. The major villain of rot is fungus, which feeds off moisture to spread and bloom, create more spores, and eat through wood. Leaky pipes and flooding damage are some of the many sources of rot.


How to Clean Up and Recover from Storm or Wind Damage

Taking that first true look around your damaged property can be painful. You may be asking yourself where to begin but relax – first things first. Clear your mind. If you can handle the cleanup by yourself, the next step is to get into the proper work clothes. That will include rubber gloves, trousers and boots to protect yourself from contaminated water and sharp debris. You’ll need a pump to get rid of all the water. After that, clean hard surfaces and appliances with soap or detergent and disinfect them. Throw away all food, beverages and medicine that were touched by floodwater. Dry out your furniture and rugs outside. Open your windows to let in the fresh air. Carefully pick up debris and put them in trash bags. Of course, every property’s needs will be different, and certain damages will require a professional’s services. In the meantime, a quick clean and item arrangement should clear your property for the real assessment of any damage.


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