Rainwater can cause trouble when gutters are faulty or clogged with dirt. Leaves and twigs must be cleared for the rainwater to flow freely through the gutters to the downspouts and away from the foundation and walls.

Gutter repair also deals with cracks, holes, sags, corroded parts, and leakages in the gutter. This may be caused by bad weather conditions or the wrong alignment of the gutter. As trivial as the task may be, turning a blind eye to it may cause a lot of trouble soon.

Our pricing

Our prices will not run you dry. They are reasonable and dependent on the materials needed. It also depends on the type, height, and damage of the gutter. The prices usually range between £60 and £541.

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Our focus is excellent service delivery. We offer a very flexible and long-lasting guarantee because we know the quality of the services we render. Sit back and relax. We got you covered.

Our gutter repair methods

Holes and cracks in the gutter cause leakages. To fix this issue, we use sealants. We start by ensuring the damaged areas are clean and dry. We then apply the sealant and give it room to dry. Before we declare the job as done, we check to ensure that every crack and crevice is sealed perfectly.

If the gutter is made of metal, it is very likely to develop rust. You can use sandpaper and wire brush to clean the rust of the gutter. Rust inhibiting primer is applied to the cleaned spot before a first and second coat of bitumen or paint is applied.

This is a total overhaul. When the situation is beyond repair, we recommend an installation of a new gutter.

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Our staff has been trained to respond within the shortest possible time. We are located within the vicinity and will be there in less than 45 mins should there be an emergency.

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