With debris such as twigs and leaves clogging the gutters in the roof, or damaged gutters due to bad weather conditions, trouble is lurking. Gutter repair involves clearing such debris to allow the free flow of water from the roof through the gutters and away from the siding or foundation. It also involves repairing cracks, leaks, holes, corroded parts, and sags in the gutters.

Even though gutter repair may seem a trivial task, ignoring it or allowing the situation to worsen may be detrimental to your home.

Our pricing

The cost of repairing gutters largely depends on the materials needed to do the repair and some other variables such as the type of repair, length of the gutter, the type of the gutter, and the height of the gutter. The average price range falls between £60 and £541, depending on the variables mentioned above.

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Our gutter repair methods

This is usually the first and simple step in gutter repair. If done regularly by the inhabitants, it can save a lot of costs. With a secured ladder, gloves, and a gardening hose, the debris is collected, and water is flushed through the gutter with the hose to clear any left over debris and allow for free flow of rainwater.

The next method is to check if the gutter is adequately aligned. They are to be tilted slightly for the water to flow through easily and not straight. However, it is essential to note that the tilted alignment should not be very visible.

Some of the gutters are made of metal, leading to rust issues. To deal with rust, we use a wire brush or sandpaper. After the rusted portion has been cleaned, a primer that inhibits rust is applied to the cleaned portion. Finally, a first and second coat of paint or bitumen is used to prevent rust.

Gutter repair in Balham

When comedian Peter Sellers made fun of Balham, calling it Gateway to South, he had no idea what was yet to come. Those who disregarded the joke and put their faith in the town definitely had the last laugh. The town’s popularity and property prices have increased massively. Balham has Chestnut Grove, the former school of the record-breaking singer-songwriter Adele.

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