What is Asbestos?

Asbestos refers to six naturally occurring minerals composed of fibres with incredible heat and erosion resistant properties. Coupled with its insulating qualities, asbestos has been used in industries like construction, mining, military service and shipbuilding among others for decades.

Asbestos comes from all over the world with countries like China and Russia being the biggest exporters of it. Asbestos was once a universal wonder as its amazing properties made it into an effective insulator and made other materials stronger when combined with them like plastic and cement. The material can even be used in paper and cloth but this ‘wonder’ has a deadly dark side.

Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is still used today in hundreds of consumer products but its use is restricted to less than 1% of what makes up the product.  The mineral fibres present in asbestos can become trapped in the body when asbestos dust is inhaled. These fibres over time lead to inflammation and genetic damage. Mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer and asbestosis are among some of the diseases caused by long term exposure to asbestos. Causing cancer and progressive lung disease is the reason why asbestos usage is heavily restricted and is no longer as widely used as before.

Asbestos Removal

The fibres once airborne are easily inhaled and there is still no way of undoing the damage caused by exposure to asbestos. It is dangerous to disturb and attempt any form of asbestos removal or handling of materials that contain asbestos since asbestos fibres are microscopic and cannot be seen or smelled, making it very easy to inhale. As there are strict regulations in regard to asbestos, only a licensed asbestos removal professional can handle asbestos materials and test them to know whether or not a removal and disposal of the material is needed.

If you believe or suspect that your home or office building contains asbestos materials, do not attempt an asbestos removal by yourself or have unlicensed contractors take care of it due to the high health risks involved. Contact a licensed asbestos removal professional for an inspection of which a recommendation on removal and disposal of the materials will be provided should any asbestos material be found.


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Work That We Do


Since asbestos removal is hazardous, we pride ourselves in delivering top quality service that ensures the utmost safety in its removal. With well trained licensed asbestos removal professionals using certified equipment and protective clothing, quality of service is assured, allowing the client to rest easy knowing that the involved health risks in asbestos removal are basically non existent with us.


There are strict government regulations and guidelines on the removal of asbestos that we adhere too. Steps on asbestos removal include:

  • Sealing of the area with plastic sheeting to prevent fibres from escaping into other areas and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Using HEPA air filters to clean the air within the work area
  • Using exhaust ducts to clean the air just outside the work area to trap any stray fibres that may have escaped the work area.
  • After work inspections of the work area conducted to ensure the complete removal of asbestos materials.
  • Work area is cleaned with HEPA vacuums and wiped down after.


Asbestos materials are placed in double plastic bags and sealed. These are then placed again in a sealed dumpster to be disposed of at an approved asbestos disposal site. Proper disposal of the asbestos materials is performed with the utmost care to ensure that no further health hazards are posed by it.

Quality of service

Under UK Asbestos Regulations, Proper removal and disposal of asbestos is conducted by our team of licensed asbestos removal professionals who have undergone the required training necessary to handle asbestos materials. Our professionals ensure the best safety protocols and procedures in the removal and disposal of any and all materials which contain asbestos. Premium work and efficient service is guaranteed on the job.

Matt HAuthor: Matt Holder

Matt Holder is our in-house writer. Matt has been working in the construction industry for 10 years. From working on-site to integrating into our office, Matt is highly knowledgeable on all matters of construction.


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