Average roofing costs

a slate roof

Do you have a roofing problem?

Depending on the size of the repair, you might want to fix it yourself or hire a professional. Let’s discover what type of repairs you can do yourself and how much it will cost if you decided to hire a professional.

First, identify what type of roofing you have;

  • Asphalt roof
  • Flat roofing
  • Shillings
  • Metal roof
  • Slate roof
  • Chimney and vents
  • Wood shakes

A quick snapshot of the potential cost.

Asphalt – Cost for repairs = 150/1500 GBP
Flat roofing – cost for repairs = 600/1500 GBP
Metal roofs – cost for repairs = 550/1500 GBP
Wood shakes – costs for repairs = 150/1500 GBP
Slate roofs – cost for repairs = 750/1500 GBP


Cost for repairs = 150/1500 pounds

asphalt tiles

The most common problems with asphalt roofing are blistering, curling, raised shingles, premature cracking, thermal splitting or granule loss. Each has their own identifying look. How do you know which issue you’ve got?

Blistering is identified by gaps in the asphalt shingles. Theses gaps can be cause by heat, hail or poor ventilation. Sometimes blistering is caused by a manufacturing defect but that does not happen often. Depending on the amount of affected shingles you can replace them yourself if you know the cause. If you are unsure about the cause it is best to contact a professional because there might be a root problem.

Curling is another common problem house owner face. You can tell that you have a curling problem by seeing that your shingles are curling upward. This is a moisture related issue and caused by poor ventilation or manufacturing defect. You can fix this by applying hot glue and tab down the affected area.

Raised shingles issues are caused by bad installation. If a roofing contractor worked on your roof and you can see any raised shingles, you should bring it to their attention as soon as possible because it can lead to major issues. In this case we advise you to contact an accredited professional because it is hard to fix.

Premature cracking is part of aging. After many years shingles on your roof will show cracks, when the cracks become obvious to the eye you must do something about it.

Thermal splitting is caused by extreme weather conditions. In very warm countries or very cold countries this is a common issue. Due to high variation of weather the shingles will tear. The tears can cause water to seep down into the framework of your roof and cause long term damage.

Granule loss is similar as splitting or tearing. A clear sign that your shingles need replacing. You can identify granule loss by feeling the shingles, if the feel smooth you are probably dealing with granule loss.

The cost of repair can vary, depending on how many shingles you need to replace and how deep the issue went. If you suspect that you have a roofing issue, don’t put it off until you have a pool of water in your living room. At that point it will cost much more to fix because the water seeped into places which

Flat roofing

Cost for repairs = 600/1500 pounds

a flat roof

Flat roofs are popular on high rise buildings. Many commercial buildings like garages or office buildings also use flat roofing. The reason for a flat roof is because it is cost effective, easy to build and quicker to construct. Also, flat roofs can be multi-purpose and be used for extra space. A misconception about flat roofs is that they are not actually flat, they are slightly tilted on the side to guide water.

The most common problems with flat roofs are blocked waterways. This is particularly a problem in the autumn, if the waterway is not regularly maintained it can create a big pool of water on your roof. That water will slowly seep into the membrane of the roof (the second layer) and cause it to decay.

Most flat roof problems can be avoided by good initial design. You can also get onto the roof and remove whatever is blocking your waterways. If you are not comfortable doing this, speak to a accredited roofer in your neighborhood before the issue gets out of hand.

Metal roofs

Cost for repairs = 550/1500

a metal roof

Metal roofs are initially much more expensive than other types of roofing, but they are much more durable. Metal roofs are made from different types of material such as aluminium, steel or copper. Many people think that metal roofs attract lightning, but they don’t.

Although, metal roofs do not come without disadvantages, they are hard to repair cause of the slipperiness of the roof when wet. Also, heavy build-up of snow can slip of the roof at any time which can cause a health hazard for by passers. This issue can be avoided by snow guards. Last downside is that the roof can be noisy in times of heavy rainfall.

Besides the cost and danger of maintenance, metal roofing has a lot of upsides.

– They are durable, metal roofs have a life expectancy of 50/75 years!

– Metal roofs are fireproof and not easily damaged by high temperature.

– You can recycle the material, so no need to buy a brand-new roof.
– Metal roofs resist wind damage the best.

Repair cost can be expensive because of the health hazard but considering how durable this type of roofing is you will not have to maintain it often. We discourage you from doing it yourself because it can be dangerous and when done incorrect it can lead to serious damage to your property.

Wood shakes

Cost for repairs = 150/1500

a wooden roof

Wood shakes roofs are the most beautiful to look at in my opinion but most problem prone. Decay is easily spotted on these types of roof. Wooden shingling’s which curl upward, darkened areas or even missing shillings.

These issues are caused many because of the material. Wood is not a very strong compared to other types of material. Natural elements besides the weather can also cause huge damage like local wildlife. Birds, squirrels and insects can cause damage by nesting in your roof, hiding food in your roof or even eating your roof.

The benefit of a wooden roof is that you can easily make minor adjustments yourself. If you know what you are doing and are insured for it, I would encourage you to do it yourself because of how often a wooden roof will have issues.

Slate roofs

Cost for repairs = 750/1500

a slate roof

Slate roofs are the most used type of roofs in the UK. They were very popular in the early 70’s and 80’s when most of the houses we reside in were built. Slates are made from stone, because of this they last very long. There are different types of slates such as New York red, Vermont Sea Green and Virginia black.

Issues most slate roof owners have is bad workmanship. If a slate roof is installed incorrect your live can turn out to be a scene from a horror movie. Something you can look out for yourself is that most damage is created by people walking on slate roofs. If your roofing contractor is walking over the roof than you will have a guaranteed problem soon.

We don’t encourage you to try to fix your roof yourself because of the complexity and delicacy of the task. Call an accredited professional to come and help you.

If you are still unclear on what to do or need any extra assistance for choosing the right type of roof, feel free to speak to one of our qualified consultants for more tailored and detailed advice on how to solve your issues.

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